What Do the Participants and Winners of the BASTEHA Biennial Receive?

By staging its packaging design biennial competition, BASTEHA discovers the best of the profession in Iran and worldwide and exposes them to the world. The BASTEHA biennial is a unique opportunity for the participants and winners of the event to share their success with any prospective clients, the media, coworkers, and other audiences.

The top packaging designs of every biennial are published in an exquisite book entitled The BASTEHA Package Design Book. The best works of packaging designers worldwide are gathered together in this book, bringing awe to every reader. It is described as the reference book of packaging designers with the top winning designs of the BASTEHA biennial for that year. Our statistics indicate that The BASTEHA Package Design Book is mostly purchased by brand owners and managers, and manufacturers and businesses who refer to the book to find creative designers and innovative ideas in this superb collection.

2. BASTEHA Trophy

The initial design of the BASTEHA statuette was carried out by a top student of Master Parviz Tanavoli inspired by the shape of a sack made of animal skin.[1] The “anpan” is one of the first signs of packaging designed by humankind. The use of brass, lost-wax casting, and final gold, silver, or bronze plating give the BASTEHA biennial statuettes a stunning effect to create a unique experience for the winners of the event.

[1] Anpan in Persian

3. Official BASTEHA Certificate

All the winners will receive an official certificate from BASTEHA according to their award level, confirming their success at the biennial competition. The certificate is signed by the CEO and main members of the BASTEHA Board of Directors and is legally valid.

4. Complimentary Ticket to the Gala Ceremony

The closing night gala is a notable and electrifying part of the BASTEHA packaging biennial. It is a private ceremony held to introduce the top packaging designs and present the prizes to the designers as an accolade for their work.

This grand ceremony is held in a luxurious venue every time with the top biennial designers, organization CEOs, brand representatives, and the panel of judges and designers in attendance. The guests are warmly welcomed and entertained.

All those with entries in the exhibition will receive an invitation and a complimentary ticket to the gala for a memorable night.

5. Participating in the Exhibition

All the participants can submit their work to the physical biennial exhibition once they have received the required points from the panel of judges and showcase their talents to the visitors. An assessment of statistics for visitors of previous exhibitions shows that most people visiting the packaging biennale were comprised of producers or representatives of clients who attended the show often with the intent to discover talent and creative, powerful designs. Other visitors included industry managers, relevant guilds, Chamber of Commerce members, resident ambassadors, groups of packaging design students, and those interested in packaging design.

6. “Winner” Label

This label is given to all the BASTEHA biennial winners for marketing and communication purposes. All the biennial winners have the right to use their label in commercials, communications applications, social media, and other marketing/ad programs for its advantages.

7. Social Media Introduction

The works of the winners will be posted on the BASTEHA website and its social media (Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn) simultaneously and the followers will be introduced to the winning designs and their designers.

This is a special bonus for the biennial winners for direct exposure to the circle of prospective clients of packaging designs.

8. Media Coverage

The BASTEHA biennial receives extensive media coverage. We select a noteworthy list of official news agencies to produce and publish our biennial news on a large scale.

Biennial winners will have the opportunity to be seen by the reporters and be interviewed by them. We also send the news on the events, programs, and winners of the biennial to the specialized media and a range of news networks on a regular basis.

9. The Opportunity to Participate in other BASTEHA Exhibitions

The selected winners will have the opportunity to showcase their designs in exhibitions held by BASTEHA in continuation of its biennial. These can be held in different cities across Iran or countries abroad.

10. Online Exhibition

All the winners will be archived on the biennial website. This option was created after the 4th BASTEHA biennial in 2021. The winning designs will be categorized according to their award level so that the visitors can easily learn about the designers of these unique works.