The sponsors and supporters of BASTEHA include industry leaders in the value chain for packaging design.


Hoodis Printing and Packaging Complex was founded in 1998 and has become the industry pioneer over the past two decades. It began its cooperation with BASTEHA in 2015. Hoodis Printing and Packaging Group has continuously expanded its services and technological abilities and transformed itself into a hub for printing and packaging strategies. Hard work and determination have enabled the Hoodis Printing and Packaging Group to meet the needs of clients meticulously and maintain long-term relations with them in the retail, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and technology industries.


BASTEHA can present you with a wide range of opportunities and openings as sponsorship packages to help you access your marketing and advertising goals. Whatever your budget and objectives may be, we have envisaged a strategy for it and would like to suggest upbeat, customized ideas to you.