The packaging biennial is the sole independent packaging design event in Iran and the most important design competition of its kind in the country. It provides the opportunity for all designers worldwide to participate in an exciting competition and have their creative works judged by a panel of renowned international judges. It gives them the chance to showcase their inspiring designs at the exhibition to a wider audience and prospective clients.
The BASTEHA biennial was initially introduced in 2015. Once every two years, the event launches a call to all designers from across the world and invites them to submit their best packaging designs to this unique competition. Their abilities will not only be judged by the most prominent international panel of judges but abundant business opportunities will also be created for them. The highest global standards upheld at the various stages of the event over the past decade have made this a popular occasion among a wider audience as one that leaves a footprint. The packaging biennial opens a window to professional designing for packages to identify and discover talents for top innovations in the industry. And this is expressed in simple terms by the BASTEHA logo


Winning a prize is always the most thrilling part of any competition. The winners of every biennial are introduced in the exquisite book published on the event and receive a ticket to the closing night gala. Apart from receiving a statuette and certificate, they will be given exclusive coverage such as introduction on the website, social media, several news media, and the showcasing of their works in physical and online exhibits. All the winners will also receive the “Winner label” to show as a sign of their success on social media or in work meetings with their clients.


There are many aspects to the fame and validity of a prize. A fair judgment, however, perhaps stands out among all the values. A fair judgment means that the participants in a competition are judged free of bias, yielding outcomes that are more reliable and objective. It means that this can easily be shared with anyone who requires an assessment, representing a fair and square accomplishment for the winners of the event. The panel of judges for the packaging biennial is variably selected among top international designers with particular styles in designing, marketing, branding, and other relevant expertise. The panel is duty-bound to select the top packaging designs among all the submitted works based on predefined criteria.


Visiting the best packaging designs in the world in one place and meeting their designers is another attractive part of the packaging biennial for the participants and their audience. The exhibition design and layout of the works on exclusive stands can attract visitors to the finesse of the packaging designs and display the numerous talents of the designers to the audience. An assessment of statistics for visitors of previous exhibitions shows that most people visiting the packaging biennale were comprised of manufacturers or representatives of clients who attended the show often with the intent to discover talent and creative, powerful designs. Other visitors included industry managers, relevant guilds, Chamber of Commerce members, resident ambassadors, groups of packaging design students, and those interested in packaging design.
Numerous communications and dialogues take place for the duration of the exhibition, most of which pave the way for cooperation between prospective clients and designers in the exhibition.


As every biennial wraps up, the best packaging designs are published in an exquisite book entitled The BASTEHA Package Design Book. The top designs from around the globe are collected in this book, bringing awe to the reader. The book design and layout style is also carried out so that the audience can easily grasp and absorb the packaging designs. Our statistics indicate that The BASTEHA Package Design Book is mostly purchased by brand owners and managers, and manufacturers and businesses who refer to the book to find creative designers and innovative ideas in this superb collection. The fifth edition of the book will be published in early 2024 with the complete exhibits of the 5th biennial held on packaging design. These include designs by agencies, students, freelancers, and authentic brands in Iran and across the world.


The Tanin Khalagh Basteha Company (BASTEHA) began its work in 2013 as a packaging authority in Iran and the organizer of the sole independent international event in packaging design in the country. Ever since its inception to date, BASTEHA has continuously supported and complemented designers and producers of packages and taken effective steps towards its goals with its activities and approaches. BASTEHA is not affiliated to any private or public entities or organizations and is run as an independent company.
The BASTEHA website has guided and supported the package designers of Iran since its nascence by holding exhibitions and seminars in this field. The exhibition prizes and yearly competitions which changed to two-yearly events in 2015 have found a prominent place in the packaging design community throughout these years and become the bedrock of contests in the industry, thus leading to the advancement of packaging designers. The works submitted by the designers are showcased in these events, and statuettes and valuable prizes and packages are awarded to the selected artists after the judgment is completed by a panel of renowned and professional international judges and professors. Extensive news coverage of biennial events by news websites in the country and all media platforms linked to BASTEHA give the selected artists and active sponsors the chance to be seen every time the event is held. By organizing biennial exhibitions, BASTEHA has been able to keep hope and incentive for growth alive among packaging designers and play a significantly effective role in Iran, to grow and expand the art and industry in the country as the only specialized packaging design event.
All independent designers of packaging, in-house studios in organizations, advertising agencies, and students have the possibility to show their works on the BASTEHA website at no charge and connect with numerous clients. The approval or rejection of the works submitted to the BASTEHA website is based on primary design inclusion criteria with an approach to creating room for collective growth in packaging design with the least obstacles because BASTEHA is always trying to leave space for young designers to find their footing. Also, posting the works on the BASTEHA Instagram page “FREE of CHARGE” is a suitable platform for the designers to be seen and critiqued for their designs. Having a personal file means that the works of a designer or entity can be searched by the name of the designer or product. At the same time, posting the contact information of every designer at the discretion of the profile owner means that they can be contacted by their professional audience or prospective clients. What sets the BASTEHA websites aside from many other websites in Iran and abroad is the lack of intervention or subscription charges for the designers, or acting as the middleman between the designers and clients. BASTEHA will always act as an impartial supporter for the designers and clients should they require its help.
BASTEHA has a wide audience of designers, interested parties in packaging design, manufacturers, and industry owners on a huge scale inside and outside of Iran which is growing at a quick pace due to its excellent, clear performance. In the meantime, designers and entities seeking to manufacture a product visit the BASTEHA website to find ideas or access the crème de la crème in packaging design from different perspectives. Tactics for packaging design, printing facilities, and structure production and design are all part of the useful information at the disposal of visitors on the BASTEHA website.