Welcome to the 5th BASTEHA International Biennial Competition 2024

The BASTEHA packaging biennial is the sole independent international packaging design event in Iran. BASTEHA gives you the opportunity to participate in an exciting competition in which your innovative designs will be judged by a panel of renowned international judges, allowing you to find your way into the biennial exhibition with your inspiring ideas and showcase these to a wider audience and prospective clients.
All the exhibits will be published in The BASTEHA Package Design Book. The biennial is your chance to find many opportunities and make new connections. You can assess your abilities and may even win! So get to work today and participate in the competition by registering any number of your designs.



The closing night gala is a notable and electrifying part of the BASTEHA packaging biennial. It is a private ceremony held to introduce the top packaging designs and present the prizes to the designers as an accolade for their work. This grand ceremony is held in a luxurious venue every time with the top biennial designers, organization CEOs, brand representatives, and the panel of judges and designers in attendance. The guests are warmly welcomed and entertained.
All the designers whose works have been entered into the exhibition will receive an invitation and complimentary ticket to the gala for a memorable night. At the closing night gala, the panel of judges will voice their views on the judging method of the works and invite the lucky winners to go on stage, receive their prizes, and take a family photo.