The BASTEHA biennial uses one of the fairest methods to assess and judge the works submitted by the participants, producing a more objective, trustworthy result that can be shared with anyone who requires an assessment, representing a fair and square accomplishment for the winners of the event.

At this stage, the panel considers the aesthetics and initial design principles to award points. They carefully scrutinize elements such as correct writing, font, and typography, use of colors, appropriate use of images, symbols, and illustration, and optimal use of available space to create a singular piece of work.


At this stage, the nature of the product represented by the design and focus on its basic values are considered by the panel. The judges will cast sharp eyes and a professional look, seeking creative design methods used by the participants to respond to the expectations of the consumer and introduce the special product features and brand promises.


The key point attracting the attention of the judges to a piece of work is the level of design creativity and innovation. The authentic design and innovative look of the designer can obtain relatively favorable points at this stage.


Packaging must be accountable to society. Transparency in conveying the main message of the product, sincerity in expressing the product features without exaggeration, ease of use, environmental issues, easy transport, consumption control, and other issues of relevance are assessed by the panel at this stage.


It is a reality that part of the points awarded by the judges pertains to their emotional connection with the design. This is the same sense that the packaging design must convey to its audience in its niche market.


A range of factors exist that make the BASTEHA biennial one of the fairest design events in the world
• Initial Assessment of Works

To respect the rights of the participants, all the works submitted to the biennial are carefully scrutinized by the organizer team. In cases of violation of rules or mistakes in submitting the works, these will be eliminated or replaced in coordination with the participants. If necessary, the experts will provide counseling to the participants “Free of CHARGE” to improve their submitted images.

• The International Jury

The judges for every BASTEHA biennial are variably selected among top international designers with particular styles in designing, marketing, branding, and other relevant expertise. The panel is dutybound to select the top packaging designs among all the submitted works based on predefined criteria.

• Categories

This will allow the submitted designs in each category to be seen together and compared. Thus, in addition to creating a fair competitive space, the participants will also have a better chance of winning one of the biennial prizes.

• Judging the Artists Incognito

It is a key point for the judges to examine the works without emotional engagement or personal preferences. Thus, the submitted works are coded by the system and placed on the judging panel. The guidelines and initial assessments by the organizer team will ensure that the submitted description texts are void of any wording or symbols that may reveal the artist’s identity to the judges

• Judging Criteria

Panel members fall back on their experience and expertise to award points but to ensure the outcome of their judgment, voting is based on a set of predefined criteria according to the most comprehensive standards of international packaging design competitions. The votes are collected by an electronic voting machine by the panel and a mean score is awarded to every work, representing its final ranking.


After registration, you must prepare the images of your designs and upload them to your user panel. Experience has shown that participants with better-quality images of their designs stand a better chance of winning. To this end, we have prepared a complete set of instructions and comprehensive guidelines you can follow to prepare better quality images based on competition standards and give better explanations of your work to impress the international judges and optimize your winning chances.