Independent designers, design agencies, brand owners, manufacturers, suppliers, students, and all those interested and active in packaging design across the globe can participate in the BASTEHA biennial.

Yes, conceptual designs can be entered into the concepts section if they have not been previously marketed. Conceptual designs can be submitted as 3D renders or physical samples.

You will only need a physical sample if your design is accepted in the first stage of judging for showcasing in the competition. Before the first stage, the panel initially asks the participants to submit JPEG images and complete the online submission form for the works for the first stage of judging. If your design reaches the second stage, you will be asked to submit your physical sample(s).

You can submit your work(s) until 16 November 2023. However, we recommend that you send these in the earlier days considering registration price rises in the final days of the call to participate in the BASTEHA biennial.

Please refer to the competition page to see the categories of the 5th BASTEHA biennial and select the appropriate category. Your work(s) may be eligible for several categories. In this case, you must make the final decision and select one of the categories for submitting your work to the panel.

Yes, you can submit your design to any category of your choice. But please keep in mind that there is a separate fee for each category, even if you submit the same work a few times to different categories.

If you have any questions, sponsorship enquiries or any news you’d like to share, please leave your details via the form below or email us at info@basteha.com