The definition of terms for the general and legal conditions of this call is as follows:

  • BASTEHA Biennial: The organizer of this event is Tanin Khalagh Toese BASTEHE Company (BASTEHA) with limited liability, registration no 548496, and national ID no 14008679442, registered at the Corporate Registration
  • Participants: Real and legal personalities registered on the biennial website who have uploaded their works for the call to participate.
  • Bureau in Tehran.

Article 1: General Rules and Regulations


  • The BASTEHA biennial is a prestigious international competition that accepts works at an international level in line with the rules and regulations of the event. All packaging that has been designed, produced, and marketed from 21 March 2021 to November 2023 in any part of the world is eligible for submission to the 5th BASTEHA biennial 2023.
  • Submissions in all categories (except for the concepts and environment sections) must be printed by the end date of the call to participate. Unprinted works can be submitted to the concepts section.
  • Works submitted to previous biennials cannot be submitted to the present biennial.
  • Participation in this call is possible after payment of the entry fee for each section and receipt confirmation by the biennial website automation system.


Note 1: Registration or payment of the entry fee to participate in the call is not confirmation of participation in the exhibition, slot in the book, or other stages of the call.


  • All the real and legal participants can receive the official receipt of the entry fee by completing their information and national ID no/code on the user panel.
  • The announced entry fees for each section and time period do not include VAT. A 9% VAT applies to the final payment.
  • Internet hosting and bank fees for cash payments of the entry fee are payable by the BASTEHA biennial.
  • No limitations apply to the number of submitted works and every participant can submit any number of works to the BASTEHA biennial.
  • A series or collection of works is considered as one work. The panel of judges and the BASTEHA biennial are free to reject the entire collection or select one or more of the works from the collection to showcase at the exhibit.
  • Designing the geometry and structure of the package alone or crude models of works will not be accepted.
  • The registration panel to participate in the biennial will close on the last day of the call. No submissions will be accepted after this date.
  • At the end of the judging process, all the participants who have been awarded points to take part in the exhibition must send their printed designs to the biennial secretariat within one week at their own expense. If the works are not received by the secretariat within this one week, the works of that designer will be eliminated from the book and exhibition.

Note 2: Those participating in the concepts and environment sections must send digital samples of their work to the biennial secretariat. If producing a digital sample of the work is not possible, a print of the work must be sent.

  • The participants are responsible for the safe delivery of their work to the biennial secretariat. The BASTEHA biennial will be responsible for the safekeeping of the works after a safe delivery.
  • The BASTEHA biennial will not return the works to the participants and will archive these for later use in possible exhibitions and events.
  • The submissions are subject to the laws of the IR of Iran, and Sharia and customary laws of the community. Submissions not observing these laws will be rejected by the organizers.
  • The packaging of products that are banned in the IR of Iran and the international community, and the sale and purchase of which is illegal, are not allowed to participate in the biennial.


Note 3: Packaging for narcotics, marijuana, alcoholic drinks, guns, WMDs, tools of torture, sexual abuse, etc, will not be accepted.


Article 2: Legal Rules


  • By registering in this call, the participants assign the rights to the publication of the submitted works in any form: real, printed, televised, digital, published on social media, website, and The BASTEHA Package Design Book, to the BASTEHA biennial.
  • Ticking the box to accept the rules and regulations means that the participants have carefully read and accepted all the conditions and laws of the BASTEHA biennial before dispatching their works to the BASTEHA biennial.
  • The registered real or legal personality is responsible for all the information provided to the BASTEHA biennial. The BASTEHA biennial is not responsible for the approval or rejection of the information under any circumstances.
  • The BASTEHA biennial recognizes the registered real or legal personality as the owner of the work(s). If proven otherwise, the registered real or legal personality will be responsible for all the legal consequences of complaints by any potential plaintiff(s). The BASTEHA biennial is not responsible under any circumstances.
  • The BASTEHA biennial has the right to ask the participants for documents proving the accuracy of information provided in the submission form at any stage. The participant will be given fifteen (15) working days to prepare and send the said documents to the BASTEHA biennial secretariat.
  • The real or legal personality registering or submitting the work is responsible for obtaining the permission, informed consent, and agreement of the orderer or material/intellectual owner of the work(s) for the call to the 5th BASTEHA biennial. BASTEHA will not be responsible for any breaches regarding the intellectual, spiritual, or material ownership of the work(s) and will refer the case to the legal authorities for consideration and decision-making.
  • The participants agree to accept responsibility for any claims related to their submitted work(s) in the event of any dispute or litigation with potential claimants.
  • Works with copyright issues or works considered morally ambiguous or offensive to a specific group or person(s) (intentionally or unintentionally) will be rejected at the discretion of the BASTEHA biennial prior to issuing the ruling. This applies to all submissions.
  • The participants are obliged to mention all the coworkers or persons who have been engaged in the design, ideation, or formation of the submission in any way in the description of the works by mentioning the type of cooperation. If the participant fails to mention any name or names (real or legal) in the submission form (intentionally or unintentionally), any responsibilities arising from this are the responsibility of the participant.
  • The decisions of the panel of judges are final and indisputable. If a person objects to the outcome of the judging, they must register the matter and follow it up with the competent legal authorities.
  • The results of the judging will be registered online on the judging panel of the BASTEHA biennial. In case of any complaints and presentation of an official letter of the legal authorities by the plaintiff, these will be reviewed.
  • All the material and intellectual rights of the exhibition and The BASTEHA Package Design Book belong to the BASTEHA biennial.
  • In case of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, strikes, wars, and quarantines, or special circumstances such as major long-term disruptions in the country’s telecommunication and communication networks, or any other events outside the jurisdiction and control of the BASTEHA biennial which will render part or all of the responsibilities of the organizer inapplicable, the execution of the responsibilities of the BASTEHA biennial will be suspended until the inhibiting factors are removed.
  • The BAHESTA biennial is responsible for decision-making regarding unforeseen circumstances.