The Biennail of Basteha is a prestigious exhibition that accepts works that obey the rules of the competition and have good quality. All works submitted in the various sections (except the Concepts and Environment section (Sections 3 and 4) must be printed and produced by the end of the call, and unpublished creations and designs can be submitted in the Professional and Experimental Concept sections.

General Rules

• Entry of each work to the exhibition depends on the vote of the biennial jury.
• There is no limit to the number of works submitted and each participant can participate in this competition with any number of works.
• The works of a series or collection are considered one work, but judges are free to reject the whole collection or choose on or more works from this collection to be displayed in the exhibition.
• The works in sections 1 and 2 must be printed and produced. Works that have not been produced yet will not be accepted in these sections.
• Geometry design and packaging structure alone, and also raw replicas are not accepted.
• The registration and participation panel in the biennial will be closed on the closing date of the call, and participants will not be able to submit a work in the biennial after that.

Legal Rules

• Completing the participation form in the call and sending it means accepting all the rules (public and legal) of this call.
• The responsibility for the accuracy of the information completed in the submitted form is the responsibility of the participant.
• The cost of sending the works to the secretariat (after being selected to attend the exhibition) is the responsibility of the participant.
• The participant is responsible for the protection of the works at the time of submission and before delivery to the biennial secretariat.
• The biennial does not accept responsibility for possible damage to the works until it enters the secretariat.
• The biennial recognizes the sender of the work as thaw owner. If it is proven otherwise, the legal consequences will be borne by the sender.
• The biennial has the right to request from the participants proof of the accuracy of the information contained in the submitted form. In this case, participants will have 15 working days to prepare and submit the requested documents.
• The sender of the work is responsible for obtaining the license and consent to participate in this call from the legal owner of the work.
• By entering the competition, the candidates assign to BASTEHA the publication rights for the works submitted, in whatever form: real, printed, televisual or digital, including on the Internet and the fut
• The candidates agree to take responsibility for any claims made against BASTEHA – and/or its affiliated companies – in the event of disputes or litigation with possible claimants or others. BASTEHA cannot be held responsible for any problem of reproduction and/or designation of the works.

***Admission fees are not refundable once the application has been accepted***

• Works which are considered to be plagiarisms or which are morally or ethically questionable and/or offensive – whether intentionally or not – will be disqualified either before the verdict or after if necessary. This also applies to works which might turn out to be fictitious (except for CONCEPT categories).
• BASTEHA reserves the right to demand proof of the actual existence and/or publication of the works presented. Candidates will have 15 days to comply.

If BASTEHA does not receive the proof requested, the registration will be disqualified. The decisions of the jury will be final.

• Works copied and having a copyright issue or works that are morally suspicious or offensive (intentional or unintentional) will be disqualified before the verdicts is issued or if necessary. This is true for all submitted works.
• By participating in this call, the candidates will allocate all the rights related to the publication of the submitted works in any form in the book, advertising media, social networks, advertisements, communication programs, etc. To the biennial.
• The biennial has the right to use the works submitted to the exhibition for photography, printing, advertising, posting on the website and publishing, according to its policies.
• Participants are required to specify the names of collaborators and all people who were involved in the design of the work in the description of the work, mentioning the type of cooperation.
• All decisions and voted of the jury will be final and confidential.
• Submissions to participate in this call will not be returned.
• All material and intellectual rights of the biennial exhibition and book belong to Tanin Khalagh Tosee Basteha Co. (Basteha website).
• Decisions regarding unforeseen cases are the responsibility of the organizer (Tanin Khalagh Tosee Basteha Co. (Basteha website)