One of the most enjoyable experiences of life is receiving a package. Even if the package is an online purchase that we know what is inside, it is still exciting to take and open that package for a moment. That›s why our packages are so important to us at DIGIKALA. We know that all our efforts are finally summarized in a package that is made of good raw materials, arrives quickly, itself and its internal purchases are not damaged during transportation, has a beautiful design.Finally, after we take the purchases out of it, it does not add to the volume of unused waste and there is a way to reuse it.

 For this reason, DIGIKALA decided to set aside its concerns about packaging in domain businesses from this year, with the help of BASTEHA Biennial in E-Commerce businesses with the community of designers, manufacturers and experts .

In this particular way, a global call to invite professionals interested in the future challenges in the field of packaging will soon be published by DIGIKALA and the BASTEHA.

Our goal is to be able to have packages in the future every year by choosing one of the issues that Digikala and other similar businesses in the field of packaging are involved in and trying to find a practical solution to it with the help of experts in this worldwide field.Reach our customers faster, be more beautiful, have more resilience and do not harm our environment.