A‘DESIGN AWARD Exhibition in IRAN for the first time

A’DESIGN AWARD exhibition will be held in Iran for the first time, at the same time as the 4th BASTEHA international packaging design biennial exhibition.

A‘DESIGN AWARA’DESIGN AWARD is one of the most important and well-known global competitions, which exhibits a unique collection of the best designers and design studios around the world through numerous design competitions.
There is 312 posters of A’DESIGN AWARD winners in packaging design section of different years.
All the visitors can see the intellectual, cultural and social perspectives of various designers around the world in this exhibition and know more about how the works are presented, and the views of . A’DESIGN AWARD international judges.

Seeing the best packaging designs in the world alongside the works of Iranian designers can be considered by manufacturers or representatives of employers who often come to the exhibition with the aim of discovering talent and finding creative and capable designers, and then create new markets and customers for them. Holding A’DESIGN AWARD exhibition in Iran and joint cooperation of this prestigious global event with the Basteha international packaging design biennial exhibition, can be a turning point in the history of packaging design in Iran and the beginning of participation, entry and interaction of designers around the world. It will create amazing and effective events as the result of this cooperation in the future.

A’DESIGN AWARD exhibition will be open to the public as a lateral part of the 4th BASTEHA international packaging design biennial exhibition from 18 to 27 February 2022, in Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran-Iran.


A’ Design Award is One of the most important international design awards that was officially founded in 2009 and organized and awarded annually in a wide range of categories in order to reach the widest audience possible. A’ Design Award and Competitions are organized and awarded annually in a wide range of categories. They are categorized into several subcategories: Industrial Design Competitions; Furniture Design Competition, Packaging Design Competition, Lightning Design Competition, Toy Design Competition, Digital Devices Competition, Vehicle Design Competition, Home Appliances Design Competition, Medical and Scientific Design Competition. Architectural Design Competitions; Architectural Design Competition, Interior Design Competition. Graphic Design Competitions: Interface Design Competition, Graphic Design Competition, Computer Graphics and 3D Model Design Competition. Meta Competitions: Social Design Competition, Idea Design Competition and Meta Design Competition Technical and R&D Based Competitions: Engineering and Technical Design Competition, Material and Texture Design Competition. Photography and Cinema Competitions: Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Competition, Movie and Animation Design Competition, Other Important Competition Categories: Fashion Design Competition Food and Culinary Design Competition, Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Competition and the Unexpected Design Competition.

The final purpose of the award is to highlight participating good designs and to provide the participating good designs with publicity, fame and recognition through A’ Design Award. For this purpose, a series of spinoffs were created:
Museum of Design (to exhibit winner designs), Association of Design and numerous prestigious awards, professional jury composed of expert design professionals, press members, academics and entrepreneurs from all over the world as well as extensive media coverage in the world’s major news media are just a few of the features Which has made this competition as one of the most significant design competitions in the world and every year many designers from around the world participate in these competitions in various specialized fields and being a winner of this event is one of the honors of many designers, design studios, agencies and companies.

A’ Design Award and Competitions, every year holds exhibitions in different countries of the world such as: Italy, China, India , Netherlands, Brazil, etc.. and creates many opportunities to highlight participating good designs and to provide the participating good designs with publicity, fame and recognition through A’ Design Award. Also publishing the winners’ books and holding scientific and specialized conferences in the field of design is some part of spin offs of this event and the IDNN + DXGN public relations network, which includes many sites such as award-winning designers, awarded designs, etc., that publishes the results of event in more than 100 languages
We are sure that many of you are well acquainted with this global event and that is why we have provided you with only a brief summary of its activities.
The A’ Award Trophy was designed to be realized by the newest production techniques in order to underline the innovative content of winners.

Please visit A‘DESIGN AWARD & COMPETITION website to find more.