About Biennial

Welcome to the 4th Biennial of Iranian Packaging Design competition. ‘’Biennial of packaging’’ is the only independent packaging design event in Iran that provides an opportunity for you to test your creative and innovative work by a group of the most famous international judges by participating in an exciting competitive process and have the chance to make your way to the Biennial Exhibition to show your inspiring initiatives to a wider audience and gain more customers.
All the works submitted to the exhibition will be published in the ‘’Biennial Book’’ and in this book, by participating in this Biennial, you will create many opportunities for yourself, get new connections, evaluate your abilities and you may even win the 4th Biennial Award.
So, get started today and register and participate in this call with as many works as you want.


Seeing the best packaging designs in Iran together and getting to know their designers has always been one of the fascinating parts of the Biennial for the participants and audience of this event.
The arrangement of the works on special stands can attract the visitor’s attention to the subtleties of packaging design and show the various abilities of designers.
A review of the statistics of visitors to previous exhibitions, shows that most of the people who have visited the packaging biennial are producers or representatives of employers, who often came to the biennial with the aim of discovering talents and finding creative designers.
Visitors are groups of students involved in packaging design. Numerous communications and conversations take place during the exhibition, which are very effective, and some of them lead to the formation of various collaborations in different fields.


Another exciting part of the Biennial is the closing ceremony and awards.  This is a special celebration and ceremony that only participants whose works have obtained the necessary points to attend the exhibition are invited.
The guests of the closing ceremony are warmly welcomed with the donation of the sponsor‘s gifts and the Biennial Book.
At this ceremony, the judges express their views on how the biennial is judged and the winners are invited to come on stage and receive their prizes.
This glorious celebration and party will be held at Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran and a selection of producers and journalists will also be present.


The book of the packaging biennial is published every 2 years by Hoodis printing complex in a limited edition. The winners’ picture of the biennial competitive sections and all the works sent to the different sections of the exhibition along with the names and ways of contacting the designers will be included in this book.
The page layout and design of the Biennial Book is done in such a way that its audience can easily gain a good understanding of the packaging designs that presented in the exhibition and if they need to communicate with any of the designers, they can easily have connection. Each period, a number of biennial books are purchased and sent to them by some producers and brand owners.

Awards and Winners

Winning prizes is always the most exciting part of any competition. So, the Packaging Exhibition Biennial has tried to create a special reputation and value for the winners of this event.
The winners of the Biennial will be announced along with the selected works on the website of “Basteha”, social networks and news media. In addition to receiving an award, they will earn special points for participating in the next biennials and some of them are also invited as guest designers or to be members of the jury.
Winners also earn this point to receive a biennial badge and a statuette and use it to demonstrate their success on social media or in business meeting with their clients.


The jury of the biennial is a group of professional judges with the highest degrees in design, marketing, branding and other related specialties. This group is selected from the most famous people in Iran and world-renowned designers. The jury is obliged to select the most attractive packaging designs from submitted works based on predetermined criteria.